Bronze Monitoring Package

Recommended for family homes and small business properties where items of significant value or cash are not kept on the premises.

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24 hours/365 Days a year

Coastcom Security’s monitoring gives you protection by alerting the only state-of-the art A Grade Control Room on the Mornington Peninsula of any security breach occurring at your premises.

Remote Download Access

Coastcom Security systems can be accessed remotely by our Control Room via an active phone line. This allows our operators to program your alarm system without sending a service
technician to the premises, eliminating the cost of a service call in most instances.

Late to Close Checks

Our Control Room checks that you have turned your system on by a designated time (normally 30 minutes after your usual closing time). If we have not received an arming by that
time, we will contact the premises to determine if there is anybody still on site. If the call is unanswered, we will contact you to confirm if you would like us to re-alarm the system.

12 month service agreement applies

Download the PDF for more information

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