Platinum Monitoring Package

Recommended for larger residential and holiday properties containing items of significant value and properties that are vacant for lengthy periods.

Platinum Monitoring is the top of the range residential security package offering from Coastcom Security, the only security company on the Mornington
Peninsula with a state-of-the-art Monitoring Station in its Control Room. It gives you Premium quality protection via world class systems and highly
visible patrol cars – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Coastcom Security’s Platinum Monitoring gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your assets are fully protected. This all-in-one
package is a comprehensive protection solution that can also mean substantial savings on your insurance premium. It offers a range of options to suit
your particular security needs.

Back To Base Alarm Monitoring

24 hours/365 Days a year

Coastcom Security’s monitoring gives you protection by alerting the only state-of-the-art Control Room on the Mornington Peninsula of any security
breach occurring at your premises.

Alarm Response

In the event of alarm activation, Coastcom Security will send a Patrol Officer to check the premises and reset the alarm. If an offence has been detected,
Coastcom Security will immediately notify Police and inform your nominated after-hours contacts.

Access Management Service

If requested, we will send a Patrol Officer to attend your premises and provide ingress to contractors and other visitors. Each visit must be authorised
by the owner quoting a valid password.


Coastcom technicians will attend your premises every six months to fully test your electronic security systems. They will provide a written service report
and quote for any maintenance work required.

Weekly Patrol

The visibility of Coastcom Security’s mobile patrol vehicles act as a deterrent to vandalism and break and enter. Frequency can be adjusted to suit your
specific needs. Security breaches are reported immediately to your nominated contact.

On Site Keysafe

Keysafes are discreetly located on all Mornington Peninsula based properties where Coastcom is responsible for keys. These Keysafes can only be accessed
by authorised Coastcom personnel via strictly controlled mill keys.

Rubbish Bin Retrieval

In your absence, Coastcom Security will retrieve your emptied rubbish bins and return them inside your property.

12 Months Service Agreement Applies

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